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This is my side of the story, but she already knows it, [Tuesday, January 31, 2006 // 1:52pm]
Yeah, I got one of these online blog/journal things. It's what's up. For those of you who don't know me I'm Ryan Ross. Music is my passion, my life, my love. I grew up in Maryland and when I told my dad I wanted to drop out of school last year to pursue music, he flipped and sent me to this lovely private school. I think he figures if he spends enough money on an education for me I'll want it more or something. It's whatever. I've always loved it in New York, from when I was a kid and we'd go up to NY for trips and I'd see all the plays and concerts. I mean, my first concert was in New York, it's what made me ask my parents for that guitar when I was 12. Yeah, New York is definatley my town. This school is pretty awesome too. There's so many wicked people here. Jac happens to be one of them. She's my best friend. And had I known that when I was 12 rocking out with the kids in my neighborhood that one of my best friends would be a girl, well .. I would have ran a mile in the opposite direction screaming something about cooties and how gross girls are. Boy I'm glad I out grew that phase. Now I'm at St. Bartholemews private school living it up my senior year with all my friends. Week days I try my hand at studying, which really isn't all that hard, and weekends are spent out on the town acting ridiculus with everyone. Yeah, I think my dad made a good choice sending me here, but I'll never openly admit that to him becauce of how much I protested on the way here.

I'm gonna go work on some songs I've been working on the last few weeks. Reach me at grr ryan rocks or call me.


Oh yeah, Friends Only from now on.
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